Communication Skills and Skills Appraisal

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Use our 34 comprehensive Ready Made Tips as a guide to improve your Communication Skills, and then use the in-depth self-appraisal to measure your Communication Skills. Use the 50 items in this appraisal immediately to evaluate your own Communication Skills or use it to appraise the communication skills of members of your staff, colleagues and members of your management team. 

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Communication Skills and Skills Appraisal

Communication is a key management skill that includes numerous activities associated with everyday organisational life.  These activities include verbal, face to face, one on one, formal, informal, personal, interpersonal, departmental, team, written, listening and nonverbal communication.
Effective communication will help you to better understand your people and situations.  It enables you to build trust, resolve differences and conflicts, build respect, and create an environment where contributions from others, creative thinking, problem solving and caring can flourish.
Communication is all about getting through to your people – giving them information – so that the company, team or individual can move more effectively towards achieving their objectives and targets.  Here are some great Ready Made Tips to improve your communication skills with your colleagues, family and friends.

  1. Set an example of walking the talk not talking the talk.  Your actions must match what you say.
  2. Give full attention to people.  This requires eliminating distractions, focusing on what the person is saying and not on what you are going to do      next, and asking questions instead of giving solutions.
  3. Project enthusiasm for all tasks positively…

Communication Skills Appraisal
This appraisal has been designed as a self-appraisal of a person’s communication skills.  However, it can be effectively used to determine the communication skills of other supervisors or managers and identify areas for improvement.  Listed below are key communication skills attributes.  Read each attribute carefully and rate yourself on how well you carry out that attribute every day.  Be honest with yourself.  If you have difficulty with scoring some of the attributes, ask for feedback from your colleagues, or other members of the management team, or members of your own team.... 

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1. I walk the talk not talk the talk.
2. I communicate with my people formally once a week.
3. I communicate with my people informally every day.
4. I use non-verbal communication to connect with other people.
5. I speak clearly and concisely.
6. I am able to view issues and concerns from the other person's point of view.     
7. I am genuine and transparent when I communicate.          







There are another 43 items in this comprehensive Communication Skills Appraisal, so BUY this article NOW to use all 50 items to measure the effectiveness of your Communication Skills and those of your staff, and get the bonus, in-depth 34 Ready Made Tips as a guide to improving your Communication Skills.


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