Sales Interview Questions

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125 great sales questions to ask when interviewing candidates for a sales role. Covering topics like, opening, closing, handling rejections, product knowledge, marketing and promotions and much more, this comprehensive list of practical questions will help you find the best person for your next sales role.  

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Sales Interview Questions
These interview questions are suitable to ask when interviewing candidates for a sales role.  Do not use all the questions, but select those that are appropriate for the position and for you.
It is recommended that the sales questions be used with a selection of general interview questions to determine whether a candidate has got the skills, attitude and work approach required for the role.  Download the Ready Made Tips General Interview Questions.
So that you can objectively compare candidates, write brief notes on the response to each question, and complete an interview record form at the conclusion of each interview.  Download the Ready Made Tips Interview Record Form.
General Sales Questions
1    What strategies would you recommend to sell slow moving stock?
2    How would you deal with a customer who wanted something you did not have?
3    What is a referral?
4    What is features selling?
5    What is benefits selling?
6    What things do you do to turn around a dissatisfied customer?
7    What would you do if you received a complaint from a customer about a previous sale, and as a result of the complaint the customer was demanding a significant refund?
8    Many customers are very price conscious when it comes to purchasing.  What would you do to get around this to sell a superior, more expensive product?

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