Lock Out Tag Out

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This 8 page work method statement is an excellent way to introduce your people to Lock Out Tag Out, LOTO. It includes the importance of LOTO, use of LOTO tags, group LOTO and lock boxes. Complete with an employee evaluation and sign off, this is a must have for your safety management system. 

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Lock Out Tag Out - LOTO
LOTO procedures are designed to protect equipment and people who may be endangered from the operation of machinery or equipment, or from steam, oil, electricity, compressed air, hot or corrosive liquids, etc.  Machinery and equipment that has been locked out must not be operated under any circumstances.

  1.  LOTO is normally used when repair, maintenance or adjustment to plant and equipment is being conducted or where a hazardous condition on plant or equipment has been identified.  Examples of the use of LOTO are:
    a.    Removal, modification and maintenance of equipment
    b.    Work on moving parts or breaking into pipes.
    c.    Cleaning near moving parts.
    d.    Confined space entry, hot work, roof access or excavation.
  2. Where possible, plant and equipment shall be isolated by physical lockout devices like padlocks, multi lock hasps, electrical switches, isolators etc, and combinations of these as shown in the photograph below right.

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