Securing Trucks and Trailers

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This is a must have 5 page work method statement for any organisation where refrigerated vans, trucks or trailers are loaded or unloaded, by a forklift having to drive into the fridge van or onto the tray of the truck or trailer. The danger of a truck driving off with a moving forklift, with driver, on the tray, trailer or in the fridge van will be eliminated when this procedure is implemented. Complete procedure with employee evaluation and sign off. 

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Article Preview:

 Securing Trucks and Trailers
 When loading or unloading trailers, including refrigerated vans where a forklift is driving onto the trailer or into the fridge van from a loading dock or ramp, for safety reasons, it is essential that the truck and trailer are secured during the loading or unloading.

 If the truck and trailer are not secured there is a risk that the truck could be driven off while the forklift is on the trailer or moving between the trailer and the loading dock or ramp.

 This work method statement has been designed to make all personnel involved in loading trailers and driving trucks how to eliminate the risk of serious injury while loading or unloading is taking place.

  1. To avoid accidents where trucks could be driven away while they are being loaded:
    1. The trailer must be chocked.
    2. The air line to the trailer disconnected.
    3. The air line to the trailer locked.
    4. The truck ignition key secured….

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