Forms, checklists and procedures on all aspects of safety in the workplace.  Use our safety signage clipart to produce your own safety signs.  Use our work method statements to train and evaluate your staff on safety.  Practical safety workpermits to protect your business.

  • Checklists and Forms

    Practical and proven checklists and forms to meet a variety of safety needs.  Conduct safety checks of your business, report hazards or near misses, issue safety alerts and conduct task safety analyses with our safety checklists

  • Procedures

    Ready Made Tips has a number of safety procedures available on a variety of safety topics.  Our safety procedures are written as work method statements and include an employee test and sign off, covering topics like use of stairs, use of angle grinders, LOTO, securing trucks and trailers and more. Use our procedures or contact Ready Made Tips at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have us develop your own customised safety procedures on topics that affect your business.

  • Signage

    Use our safety signage clipart to design and produce more than 490 safety and warning signs to suit your business needs.

  • Work Permits

    Detailed work permits including sign offs and JSA’s, for all maintenance work carried out on your site.  Work permits include general work permit, working at heights, confined spaces and hot work.  Keep your work site safe with our work permits.