Work Smarter Not Harder

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This 20 page self help workbook has all the information you need to effectively organise your workspace, desk and filing systems. It includes practical tips on how you use your workspace and manage your time to work smarter not harder, including managing emails, use of the telephone, delegation skills and much more. 

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 Work Smarter Not Harder
This work book gets down to the nitty gritty of making effective use of your workspace and practical ways to manage yourself with respect to time so that you can work smarter not harder.  The first part of the workbook is all about getting organised.
Take the example of 2 employees Jill and Mary.  Jill was a busy administrator for a large company with many things on the go.  She had a large desk with plenty of storage space and filing cabinets.  Unfortunately Jill never got around to filing anything so she had 2 large piles of paper on her desk and her in, out and pending trays were all full with paper.  The cupboards close to her and her desk drawers were also stuffed with completed projects plus projects she was working on.

 If anyone wanted anything from Jill she would have to go through the piles of paper on her desk to find it.  Even though files had been set up for all the projects Jill worked on nothing made it to those files….

 Organising Your Workspace
To work smarter not harder you need to start by organising your workspace.  Organising your workspace or office is largely a personal matter that depends on your personality, taste and the job to be done.

 Whether you have a large or small workspace or office, it is essential that you spend time organising that workspace in a way that encourages you to save time, not waste it.

 Look at your workspace or office as it is currently arranged.  Measure your workspace or office and the major furniture items in it.  Using your computer or some graph paper draw a scaled layout of your workspace or office showing the position of furniture….

BUY Work Smarter Not Harder NOW, to improve your time management skills, get organised and be more efficient and effective in the workplace.  Stacked with practical ideas Work Smarter Not Harder not only helps ypu to organise your work space but gives you Ready Made Tips on how to manage your email, how to delegate effectively, how to take control of meetings, how to use the telephone more effectively and much, much more so that you control your life and time.  A must have if you want to improve your Time Management skills!



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