How You Use Your Time

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A great 12 page workbook to help you identify those activities that currently waste your time at work, and then develop action plans to eliminate or reduce these time wasters. By identifying time wasters and completing the personal time inventory in the workbook, you can manage yourself effectively with respect to time so that you can achieve your goals, and do those activities that are important to you and your life. Also, use it to help your staff identify and manage the time wasters in their work and lives. 

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 How You Use Your Time
This workbook has been designed to enable you to account for how you currently use your time, and to help you plan a range of strategies which will help you to effectively schedule your time and use it wisely.

Have you ever said things like:
“Where has the week gone?”

“I work flat out morning to night, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere?”
"There just aren’t enough hours in the day!”
"How can I get ahead when I spend all my time breaking even?”

 While time is physically measured in seconds, minutes etc, it is through the events and experiences that we have during our lives that we remember.  You measure time by recalling an incident from your past, not by what happened at 11.33 am on August 27, 2010.

Therefore, if you waste time you will have fewer events and experiences to recall.  There will be fewer moments of fun and happiness.

 No matter how you measure it, describe it or use it, time cannot be influenced or changed by you or any other person.  Everybody is given the same amount of time:
24 hours / day.
168 hours / week.
When you look around you will see that there are some people who seem to have time to do everything and then a bit more.  They seem to get greater mileage from their time than others….

BUY this workbook on How You Use Your Time NOW to identify those things that currently prevent you from achieving your goals and from getting the most out of your life.  Use the workbook to develop action plans to get the most out of your life and improve your time management skills.


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