Time Wasters

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Use the Ready Made Tips list of more than 80 time wasters to identify those activities that waste your time at work.
Once you have identified your time wasters you can take action to reduce or eliminate them and take control of your time management, using ourproven action plans. 
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 Identifying Time Wasters
One of the first steps to effective time management is to recognise that you are responsible for your own time problems – not other people.  If you are not happy with what you achieve in the time available to you, it may be because you are wasting too much of your time.  

 Ready Made Tips has developed a list of time wasters that eat into peoples’ time.  Read through the list of time wasters carefully and tick the ones that apply to you.  By identifying those things that waste your time you can then take action to reduce the effect of each one.

 Time Wasters
    Lack of delegation
    Lack of planning
    Lack of scheduling..... 

BUY Time Wasters NOW and check the more than 80 Ready Made Tips Time Wasters to identify what activities are wasting your valuable time and preventing you from effectively managing your time and taking control of your life.


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