Goal Setting Workbook

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 This practical Ready Made Tips workbook will assist you to set your goals including work, family, personal, recreational goals and many more. When you have finished this workbook you will not only have set your goals but will have developed action plans to achieve them.  By completing this workbook you will establish goals in 12 areas important to your life including personal gaols, career goals, family goals, financial goals, artistic goals and more.  Not only will this this wrokbook help you set your goals but it will help you to establish goal achievement plans for every goal.  

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 Goal Setting
This workbook has been designed to assist you:
1.    To appreciate and understand the real value of time.
2.    Know the importance of having personal goals.
3.    Determine your personal goals.
4.    Develop action plans to achieve each of your goals.

The value of commodities is determined by supply and demand.  A product will be less expensive if there is ample supply.  However, if a product is in great demand with limited supplies, the price will rise.  For example, when flat screen televisions first appeared in electrical stores they were very expensive, supply was very limited and there were only a couple of manufacturers.  Now, there are many different brands and sizes, and every electrical store carries a large range.  What cost many thousands of dollars when flat screen televisions first came out is now affordable for the majority of people.

 Time has been described as the most valuable commodity of all.  Time is a non-renewable resource for which there is no substitute.  In fact when your time is gone so are you!

Think back to your past.  For each event below, write down one event or experience that you can recall from that time in your life.

 1. An event when you were….

 What is Important to You?
If you want to do something that you are not presently doing, you must displace something that you are doing to make room for the new activity.  You cannot wait until you have time to take on another task.  You will never have any more time than you have now.  For your life to be more effective you have to free up some of your time by displacing non-productive, low priority activities with more valuable, worthwhile activities….

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How You Use Your Time

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A great 12 page workbook to help you identify those activities that currently waste your time at work, and then develop action plans to eliminate or reduce these time wasters. By identifying time wasters and completing the personal time inventory in the workbook, you can manage yourself effectively with respect to time so that you can achieve your goals, and do those activities that are important to you and your life. Also, use it to help your staff identify and manage the time wasters in their work and lives. 

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 How You Use Your Time
This workbook has been designed to enable you to account for how you currently use your time, and to help you plan a range of strategies which will help you to effectively schedule your time and use it wisely.

Have you ever said things like:
“Where has the week gone?”

“I work flat out morning to night, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere?”
"There just aren’t enough hours in the day!”
"How can I get ahead when I spend all my time breaking even?”

 While time is physically measured in seconds, minutes etc, it is through the events and experiences that we have during our lives that we remember.  You measure time by recalling an incident from your past, not by what happened at 11.33 am on August 27, 2010.

Therefore, if you waste time you will have fewer events and experiences to recall.  There will be fewer moments of fun and happiness.

 No matter how you measure it, describe it or use it, time cannot be influenced or changed by you or any other person.  Everybody is given the same amount of time:
24 hours / day.
168 hours / week.
When you look around you will see that there are some people who seem to have time to do everything and then a bit more.  They seem to get greater mileage from their time than others….

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Time Management Skills and Skills Appraisal

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 Use our 27 comprehensive Ready Made Tips as a guide to improve your Time Management Skills, and then use the in-depth self-appraisal to measure the effectiveness of your Time Management Skills. Use the 38 items in this appraisal to instantly evaluate your own Time Management Skills or use it to appraise the Time Management Skills of members of your staff, colleagues and members of your management team.

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 Article Preview:
Time Management Skills and Skills Appraisal
It is impossible to manage time!  The best that you can hope to do is to manage yourself with respect to time.  This does not take more time.  It can’t.  There is no more time.  You are already using up all your time now, whether it be working, sleeping, painting reading etc.  You cannot wait until you have time to take on another task.  You will never have more time than you have now.

If you want to do something that you are not already doing, you must displace other activities to make room for it.  And that is the secret of what people refer to as time management.  To manage yourself with respect to time effectively you must replace less important, non-productive, low priority tasks with more important, valuable worthwhile tasks.  In other words manage yourself with respect to time!

There are many things that you can do to manage yourself with respect to time by using the Ready Made Tips listed below...

  1. Set goals and objectives.  Your goals and objectives need to include personal items, family, recreation as well as work.
  2. When you have worked out your goals and objectives establish action plans with achievable step-by-step actions to achieve those goals.  Without goals  how do you know what is important in your life?

Time Management Skills Appraisal
Listed below are key time management skills attributes.  Read each attribute carefully and rate yourself on how well you carry out that attribute every day...

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1. I avoid taking on too much at once.
2. I have determined my personal goals.
3. I have determined my work goals.
4. I use down time to plan my day and think through issues.  
5. I concentrate on important and priority tasks.
6. I have developed action plans to overcome the time wasters in my life.     






There are another 32 items in this comprehensive Time Management Skills Appraisal, so BUY this article NOW to use all 38 items to measure the effectiveness of your Time Management Skills and those of your staff, and get the bonus, in-depth 27 Ready Made Tips as a guide to improving your Communication Skills



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Time Wasters

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Use the Ready Made Tips list of more than 80 time wasters to identify those activities that waste your time at work.
Once you have identified your time wasters you can take action to reduce or eliminate them and take control of your time management, using ourproven action plans. 
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 Identifying Time Wasters
One of the first steps to effective time management is to recognise that you are responsible for your own time problems – not other people.  If you are not happy with what you achieve in the time available to you, it may be because you are wasting too much of your time.  

 Ready Made Tips has developed a list of time wasters that eat into peoples’ time.  Read through the list of time wasters carefully and tick the ones that apply to you.  By identifying those things that waste your time you can then take action to reduce the effect of each one.

 Time Wasters
    Lack of delegation
    Lack of planning
    Lack of scheduling..... 

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Work Smarter Not Harder

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This 20 page self help workbook has all the information you need to effectively organise your workspace, desk and filing systems. It includes practical tips on how you use your workspace and manage your time to work smarter not harder, including managing emails, use of the telephone, delegation skills and much more. 

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 Work Smarter Not Harder
This work book gets down to the nitty gritty of making effective use of your workspace and practical ways to manage yourself with respect to time so that you can work smarter not harder.  The first part of the workbook is all about getting organised.
Take the example of 2 employees Jill and Mary.  Jill was a busy administrator for a large company with many things on the go.  She had a large desk with plenty of storage space and filing cabinets.  Unfortunately Jill never got around to filing anything so she had 2 large piles of paper on her desk and her in, out and pending trays were all full with paper.  The cupboards close to her and her desk drawers were also stuffed with completed projects plus projects she was working on.

 If anyone wanted anything from Jill she would have to go through the piles of paper on her desk to find it.  Even though files had been set up for all the projects Jill worked on nothing made it to those files….

 Organising Your Workspace
To work smarter not harder you need to start by organising your workspace.  Organising your workspace or office is largely a personal matter that depends on your personality, taste and the job to be done.

 Whether you have a large or small workspace or office, it is essential that you spend time organising that workspace in a way that encourages you to save time, not waste it.

 Look at your workspace or office as it is currently arranged.  Measure your workspace or office and the major furniture items in it.  Using your computer or some graph paper draw a scaled layout of your workspace or office showing the position of furniture….

BUY Work Smarter Not Harder NOW, to improve your time management skills, get organised and be more efficient and effective in the workplace.  Stacked with practical ideas Work Smarter Not Harder not only helps ypu to organise your work space but gives you Ready Made Tips on how to manage your email, how to delegate effectively, how to take control of meetings, how to use the telephone more effectively and much, much more so that you control your life and time.  A must have if you want to improve your Time Management skills!



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