Team Building Skills Appraisal

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Measure the strength of your team building skills with this self appraisal. With 50 items this comprehensive appraisal can also be used to determine the team building skills of other members of your team. This Team Building Skills Appraisal comes complete with 50 detailed ready made tips on how to improve your Team building Skills today!

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Team Building Skills Appraisal
As a team builder the leader must bring his team together so that they work cohesively together to improve productivity and achieve their goals.

A team is made up of a diversity of people, personalities and strengths.  In an effective team the people fully use their strengths and compensate each other for their weaknesses.  One key element for all effective teams is…

Listed below are key team building skills attributes.  Read each attribute carefully and rate yourself on how well you carry out that attribute every day.  Be honest with yourself.  If you have difficulty with scoring some of the attributes, ask for feedback from your colleagues, or other members of the management team, or members of your own team.

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1.Our team goals and targets are understood by all.
2. Our team goals and targets are accepted by all.
3. I always deliver on my promises.
4. I praise and recognise every team member.
5. I do not allow put downs in team meetings.
6. I do not assume that team members know what to do.
7. I deal with interpersonal conflicts within the team immediately.  








 There are another 43 items in this appraisal, so BUY this article NOW to use all 50 items to measure the effectiveness of your Team Building skills and those of your staff.



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