Goal Setting Workbook

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This practical Ready Made Tips workbook will assist you to set your goals including work, family, personal, recreational goals and many more. When you have finished this workbook you will not only have set your goals but will have developed action plans to achieve them.  By completing this workbook you will establish goals in 12 areas important to your life including personal gaols, career goals, family goals, financial goals, artistic goals and more.  Not only will this this wrokbook help you set your goals but it will help you to establish goal achievement plans for every goal.  

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Goal Setting
This workbook has been designed to assist you:
1.    To appreciate and understand the real value of time.
2.    Know the importance of having personal goals.
3.    Determine your personal goals.
4.    Develop action plans to achieve each of your goals.

The value of commodities is determined by supply and demand.  A product will be less expensive if there is ample supply.  However, if a product is in great demand with limited supplies, the price will rise.  For example, when flat screen televisions first appeared in electrical stores they were very expensive, supply was very limited and there were only a couple of manufacturers.  Now, there are many different brands and sizes, and every electrical store carries a large range.  What cost many thousands of dollars when flat screen televisions first came out is now affordable for the majority of people.

Time has been described as the most valuable commodity of all.  Time is a non-renewable resource for which there is no substitute.  In fact when your time is gone so are you!

Think back to your past.  For each event below, write down one event or experience that you can recall from that time in your life.

1. An event when you were….

What is Important to You?
If you want to do something that you are not presently doing, you must displace something that you are doing to make room for the new activity.  You cannot wait until you have time to take on another task.  You will never have any more time than you have now.  For your life to be more effective you have to free up some of your time by displacing non-productive, low priority activities with more valuable, worthwhile activities….

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Targets and Goals Appraisal

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a self appraisal for you to measure how well you set and manage targets and goals in the workplace. Or, use it to appraise how well members of your team use and manage their targets and goals. 

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