Quality Checks Appraisal and Improvement Tips

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A practical self appraisal to determine how well you value quality checks in the workplace. This appraisal can also be used to appraise the value that other members of your team place on quality checks. The apprasial comes complete with practical ideas and tips to improve the quality in your organisation.

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Quality Checks Appraisal and Improvement Tips
There is an old saying that there is no substitute for quality.  People will forget how fast you did a job but they will remember how well you did it.  It is the responsibility of every manager and supervisor to ensure that the goods and services provided by their company are of the highest possible quality and standard.  The Ready Made Tips below will help you to focus more effectively on quality. 

  1. Conduct quality checks on your company’s products.

  2. Conduct quality checks on your company’s services.
  3. Set high personal standards and goals.

  4. Empower employees to improve continually.  This will require training of all employees on the importance of achieving high quality standards...

Listed below are key quality check attributes.  Read each attribute carefully and rate yourself on how well you carry out that attribute every day.  Be honest with yourself.  If you have difficulty with scoring some of the attributes, ask for feedback from your colleagues, or other members of the management team, or members of your own team....

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1. I ensure that quality checks are conducted on all products produced by the company. 
2. I make random quality checks on our products.
3. I make random quality checks on our services.
4. I communicate my standards to all employees.
5. I reward process improvement.





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