Conducting Effective Meetings Appraisal

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An appraisal to measure how well you conduct meetings and will identify things that you can do to improve the effectiveness of all your meetings. Can be used by yourself or to measure how well members of your team conduct meetings. This article also includes detailed tips on how to conduct effective meetings.

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Conducting Effective Meetings Appraisal

Score your rating on each conducting meetings attribute from 1 to 5 based on the following definitions:

5.Exceeds objectives and requirements at all times.  An outstanding behaviour and performance.

4.Job requirements are exceeded in most cases.  Above normal expectations of behaviour and performance.

3.Competent, normal & expected level of results.  Competent behaviour and performance, but will benefit from further training.

2.Results are somewhat less than expected.  Some objectives & job requirements are met but many are not.  Work is of mixed quality.  Below average behaviour and performance, and training or adjustment is needed.

 1. Performance well below job requirements & not acceptable as to quality of work & completion of objectives.  Inadequate behaviour and performance requires immediate improvement.  

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1. I have an agenda for every meeting.          
2. I advise all participants of the agenda, date, time & location of the meeting.          
3. I put important items at the top of the agenda when people are alert.          
4. I seek agenda items from participants prior to the meeting.          
5. I make sure the meeting room is well ventilated, lit and cool.          
6. I do not allow smoking in the meeting room.          
7. I have visual aids like white boards, flip charts, data projectors etc available.          
8. I make sure that all the necessary equipment in the room works.          








There are another 26 items in this appraisal, so BUY this article NOW to use all 34 items to measure the effectiveness of your meetings and those of your colleagues, and to identify how you can improve the effectivenes of your meetings.



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Meetings Action Planner

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This proven action planner will help you keep all the details you require for every meeting including time framed actions. With this great meetings action planner you won't need to keep minutes again!  BUY this well proven and practical Meetings Action Planner NOW and use it as a template to control and keep on top of every meeting you and your colleagues conduct or attend.  The 6 column Action Planner will enable you to easily keep every action arising out of every meeting under your management and control. 

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                                                   Meetings Action Planner
Meetings action


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