Leadership Skills

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This practical handbook of Leadership Skills Appraisals and tips to improve Leadership Skills, is a must have have for the business leader.  The appraisals
can be used to measure your Leadership Skills or to determine your Leadership Skills strengths and weaknesses, and then use the comprehensive tips to improve your Leadership Skills.  Leadership Skills covered in the book are:

Communication Skills;  Counselling Skills;  Customer Service Skills;  Decision Making Skills;  Delegation Skills;  Disciplinary Skills;  Emotional Intelligence; Giving Instructions;  Integrity;  Interviewing Skills;  Leadership Skills;  Listening Skills;  Managing Email; Meetings;  Negotiation Skills;  Performance Appraisals;  Praise and Recognition;  Quality Checks;  Questioning Techniques;  Self Control;  Self Image;  Targets and Goals;  Team Building Skills;  Telephone Skills; Time Management.

With more than 1,440 individual appraisal items that you can use to measure your Leadership skills, or the Leadership Skills of your team members, this book is a great tool to identify your Leadership Skills weaknesses, and then develop action plans to strengthen those weaknesses by using the more
than 700 tips to improve your leadership skills.

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Leadership Skills and Skills Appraisal

Written by Drew. Posted in Leadership and Management.

Use this practical self-appraisal to measure your leadership skills and to identify where you can improve your leadership skills. Or, use the appraisal to measure the leadership skills of other members of your team.  This great article includes nearly 30 comprehensive, ready made tips that you can use to improve your leadership skills immediately.

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Article Preview:

Leadership Skills Appraisal
Leadership can be defined as one’s ability to get others to willingly follow.  Every organisation needs leaders at every level.  Good leaders are followed not because of their position but because people trust and respect them....

Listed below are key leadership skills attributes.  Read each attribute carefully and rate yourself on how well you carry out that attribute every day.  Be honest with yourself.  If you have difficulty with scoring some of the attributes, ask for feedback from your colleagues, or other members of the management team, or members of your own team.

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1. I manage by walking around every day.
2. I do what I say.
3. I do what I promise.
4. I can handle conflict effectively.
5. My office and work space is well organised and tidy.
6. I demonstrate high levels of honesty and integrity at all times.
7. When things go wrong I fix the problem not the blame.          







There are 56 items in this comprehensive appraisal, so BUY this article NOW to use all the items to measure the effectiveness of your leadership skills and those of your staff, and to determine your Leadership Skills strengths and weaknesses. Use the detailed tips included in the article to improve your leadership skills.