Questioning Techniques Appraisal

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 How good are you at using questions effectively?  Measure the effectiveness of your questioning techniques with this simple, easy to use Questioning Techniques appraisal. The 32 items in this appraisal will accurately measure the effectiveness of your questioning techniques.  Or, you can use it to appraise the effectiveness of other members of your team to use and apply questioning techniques. The apprasial is an ideal way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your Quetsioning Techniques. With 5 pages of detailed, practical Ready Made Tips to improve your Questioning Technique, this is a must have article for anyone involved in asking questions.  Learn about open, closed, probing, leading, funnel, multiple and rhetorical questions and when and how to use them!

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 Article Preview:
Questioning Techniques Appraisal
All of us use questions every day, whether it is at work, home or play.  To gain the information, response or outcome that you want effectively you need to consciously apply appropriate kinds of questions.

 “When you are managing people, one of the greatest timesavers is asking questions – more specifically, asking the right questions.”
                                                                                                         Jim Rohn in “Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness.”

 Asking questions is a fundamental communication skill for leaders, to find out information, solve problems, establish better working relationships, persuade, motivate, interview or negotiate.  How effective is it to solve a problem or issue than by simply asking the person who knows the answer?  Asking effective questions is not easy.  How a question should be asked, what question should be asked and when a question should be asked are important aspects in questioning technique.

  This appraisal has been designed as a self-appraisal of a person’s questioning ability.  However, it can be effectively used to determine the questioning techniques of other supervisors or managers and identify areas for improvement.  

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1.I use open ended questions to open conversations.
2. I use leading questions to close a deal or contract.  
3. I use probing questions to ensure that I understand the whole story.   
4. I keep my questions focused on one point.
5. To help respondents feel at ease I move from general questions on an issue to specific questions. 
6. I use active listening techniques when asking questions.







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