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This practical workbook describes and teaches you how you can improve your listening skills. Great tips, listening games, and techniques that you can apply to your internal and external customers + a self appraisal to measure how well you listen to others. Use it to train your staff on how they can become more effective and active listeners.

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Effective Listening Skills
The most important communication skill for you to develop is listening.  On average at work you will spend your time:
1.    9% writing,
2.    16% reading,
3.    25% talking, &
4.    50% listening.
Research shows that most people do not listen very well.  The average person is able to effectively retain about 25% of what they hear.  However, by learning to use better listening techniques this can increase to 85% to 95%.
                                                                                                                 From The Art of Giving Quality Service by M. Gober & B. Tannehill.
There are a number of reasons why people find it difficult to listen including:
1.    We are not taught how to listen, so we grow up with the idea that listening is passive, and that we can best get what we want in the world by talking not listening.
2.    We can hear at the rate of about 500 words a minute, yet most of us speak at about 125 words a minute, so it is hard to keep our minds on what other people are saying when there is that sort of gap.
3.    We spend little time evaluating or refining our listening skills, unlike the time we spend editing and reworking writing skills, or rehearsing a public speech or presentation.
4.    Listening is hard work, and it is easy to switch off and “listen” to the chatter inside our heads instead of what the other person is saying.
It is said that you have 2 ears and one mouth and they should be used in that proportion.  Listen twice as much as you talk!
By listening attentively and with empathy you will eliminate many misunderstandings, arguments….

If you BUY this fantastic Listening Skills workbook NOW you will learn the Benefits of effective listening, Effective listening techniques and the Barriers to effective listening.  Also included are 4 Listening games, a Listening skills appraisal for you or to be used to assess the listening skills of your employees, and a workbook Employee evaluation, acknowledgement & sign off. 

This is a must have workbook for all people involved in providing service to customers.



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