Listening Skills and Skills Appraisal

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26 detailed tips to improve your listening skills and an effective appraisal tool to self appraise and determine how well developed your listening skills are.  Or, use the 44 item appraisal to measure the listening skills of members of your team.  Used honestly this easy to use Listening Skills Appraisal will help you identify improvement areas for your Listening Skills.

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Listening Skills and Skills Appraisal

Listening Skills Improvement Tips
The most important communication skill for you to develop is listening.  On average at work you will spend your time:
1.    9% writing,
2.    16% reading,
3.    25% talking, &
4.    50% listening.
By listening attentively and with empathy you will eliminate many misunderstandings, arguments, delays and mistakes.  Try the Ready Made Tips below to improve your listening skills.

  1. Stop talking so that you can listen!  When someone else is talking listen to what they are saying.  Do not interrupt, correct     them, finish their sentences or talk over them.  Listen!  As Mark Twain said:
    “If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two tongues and one ear.”
  2. Eliminate distractions.  Turn off noisy machinery, radios, TV’s etc, close the door, turn away from your desk or computer, don’t take phone calls and do what ever is necessary to eliminate distractions and focus your listening ability on the speaker for the next…

 This appraisal has been designed as a self-appraisal of a leader’s listening skills.  However, it can be effectively used to determine the listening skills of other supervisors or managers and identify areas for improvement.

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1. When listening to others I give the speaker my full attention.
2. I eliminate all external distractions when people are speaking to me.
3. I minimise all internal distractions when people are speaking to me.
4. I do not perform other tasks when people are speaking to me.
5. I do not interrupt the person talking.
6. I focus on what is being said and not how it is being said.     
7. I remain silent to allow the speaker to finish what they are saying.          







There are another 37 items in this comprehensive Listening Skills Appraisal, so BUY this article NOW to use all 44 items to measure the effectiveness of your Listening Skills and those of your staff, and get the bonus, in-depth 26 Ready Made Tips as a guide to improving your Listening Skills.


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