Disciplinary Skills and Skills Appraisal

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Use this comprehensive appraisal to determine your strengths ands weaknesses when it comes to disciplining staff.  Or, use it measure how well you, or other managers or supervisors discipline staff.   This 39 item appraisal includes more than 35 practical easy to follow tips on how you can improve your disciplinary skills and how to discipline staff effectively. 

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 Disciplinary Skills Appraisal

The management of employees whose performance has not been effective, or who have behaved inappropriately is an essential responsibility for all leaders.  Although this can be one of the more unpleasant tasks that a leader needs to perform, it can also be one of the most rewarding especially when an employee turns around and becomes a star performer.

When faced with inappropriate behaviour many managers and supervisors put off taking action in the hope that the problem will go away. However, delaying action only serves to undermine the authority and respect of the manager or supervisor, reinforces the inappropriate behaviour and sends a message to your staff that the inappropriate behaviour is okay.   So whenever you are faced with a disciplinary challenge you must deal with it.   Transferring the employee to another department or site, or moving the employee, or ignoring the behaviour will not solve the problem. It is simply moving the problem...

 Listed below are key disciplinary skills attributes. Read each attribute carefully and rate yourself on how well you carry out that attribute every day. Be honest with yourself. If you have difficulty with scoring some of the attributes, ask for feedback from your colleagues, or other members of the management team, or members of your own team...

Key Performance Indicator 1    2    3    4    5   
1. I never hold disciplinary discussions when I am angry.
2. I know & understand the rules, policies or procedures that have been breached.
3. I always act on disciplinary issues within my authority.
4. I always follow the company diiscipline & grievance procedures.
5. I I ensure that employees have signed off on all rules, policies & procedures relevant to their position.
6. I find out the cause of the poor  performance.






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