Tips to develop and improve your leadership skills.  Measure your leadership skills with many leadership skills appraisals that focus on specific leadership skills including communication, counselling decision making, delegation, integrity, team building skills, time management and much much more.  Are you a manager or leader?  Our appraisals will tell you the difference and help you to identify ways to improve your leadership skills and interpersonal skills.

  • Behaviour Management

    Tips, forms and procedures to improve your behaviour management skills in the workplace.  Train your people to be winners and learn how to discipline employees effectively with our practical and easy to follow behaviour management procedures.  Use the disciplinary skills appraisal to determine your behaviour management strengths and weaknesses.

  • Communication Skills

    Tips to improve your communication skills.  Learn how to be a effectively use your listening skills, body language skills and communication skills on the telephone.  Use our appraisals to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your communication skills and those of your employees.  Great tips on managing email effectively.  Use our appraisal on managing email to measure how effectively you, and your employees, managing your email now.  Use the appraisals to identify areas where you and your employees can improve your communication skills.

  • Counselling Skills

    Counselling skills are critical in the workplace.  Our tips will improve your ability to counsel employees.  Use the counselling skills appraisal to determine how well you and your staff counsel employees.

  • Customer Service Skills

    Providing awesome customer service to all your customers is essential if you want to stay in business.  Our tips and workbooks will effectively train you to provide outstanding customer service to both your internal and external customers.  Determine your customer service strengths and areas to improve with the customer service appraisal tool.

  • Decision Making Skills

    Good leaders have well developed decision making skills and readily make decisions.  Our tips will assist you to improve your decision making skills and make you a more decision maker.  Appraise your decision making skills and determine how well you make decisions now.

  • Delegation Skills

    All effective leaders have great delegation skills.  Our practical tips and appraisal tool will not only improve your delegation skills but will also assist you to identify specific areas where your delegation skills can be enhanced.  

  • Integrity

    There is no place for a leader without integrity in the business world of today.  Our tips on integrity and our integrity appraisal tool will improve your integrity and determine specific areas where you can improve your integrity  and honesty.

  • Interviewing Skills

    Practical tips to improve your interviewing and questioning skills.  Use our interviewing skills appraisal and questioning skills appraisal to determine your interviewing skills and questioning skills strengths and weaknesses.  

  • Leadership and Management

    Great articles on leadership and management.  Determine whether you are a leader or a boss or manager in the workplace.  Use our lessons from geese to improve your leadership skills, and use our detailed winners versus losers comparisons.

  • Meetings

    Conducting effective meetings is essential for the successful leader.  Our practical and easy to apply tips will enable all your meetings to be effective meetings.  Our appraisal can be used to determine whether you and your staff conduct effective meetings or not.  The meetings action plan is a practical tool for you to keep track of your effective meetings.

  • Performance Appraisal Skills

    Conduct effective performance appraisals with your staff using our great tips and practical ideas.  Assess how effective your performance appraisal skills are with our great assessment tool.

  • Praise and Recognition

    Praise and recognition are the most powerful leadership skills that you have to build star performers in your team.  Our praise and recognition tips will help you develop winners. Use our appraisal tool to determine how well you give praise and recognition to all members of your team.

  • Quality

    Quality in business is critical for the success of the organisation.  Use our tips to improve the quality checks that you conduct.  Our quality appraisal tool will help you to determine your strengths and weaknesses in conducting quality checks.

  • Self Control

    These practical tips will help you to retain high levels of self control.  Our  appraisal will help you to determine how much self control you exhibit in the work place.

  • Self Image

    Self image is the way you see your self.  Our practical tips will help you to improve your self image, and our appraisal will determine how well you project your self image to others.

  • Targets and Goals

    If you do not have targets and goals to aspire to, how do you know when you have arrived?  Our tips and workbook will help you to set, manage and achieve your targets and goals whether at work or in your personal life.  The targets and goals appraisal will help you to measure how well you and members of your team use and manage your targets and goals.

  • Team Building

    Follow these practical tips to improve your team building skills.  Our 50 item team building appraisal will help you and other members of your team to assess your team building skills.  Enjoy our motivational team building quotes.

  • Time Management

    Managing yourself with respect to time is the key to these great tips and workbooks on time management.  Our range of time management workbooks will identify the time wasters in your life, help you to manage yourself with respect to time and work smarter not harder.  Our practical time management appraisal will determine the effectiveness of your time management skills.

  • Negotiation Skills

    All leaders use negotiation skills every day.  Practical articles on how to measure your negotiations skills and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your negotiation skills, or the negotiation skills of other staff.  Practical, easy to apply tips to improve your negotiations skills and become a better leader.