General Interview Questions Responses

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What answers you can expect when asking any of the 20 Ready Made Tips general interview questions?  If you do not know what answer you are expecting is there any point in asking the question? These responses include tips on poor responses, what to follow up with probing questions to get the specific information you require, and what you need to follow up during a reference check.  BUY this article NOW to make your recruitmment interviews more effective and enjoyable!

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General Interview Questions Expected Responses

When interviewing applicants for vacancies in your organisation it is a good practice to have some idea of what you expect from the answers.  The purpose and responses to the Ready Made Tips general interview questions are described below.

 If any of the answers to your questions do not meet your expectations or are vague or inadequate, you must probe the applicant further to get the specific information about an issue.
  After asking probing questions if there are any answers that continue to raise concerns or ring alarm bells to you the interviewer, make a note to follow up your concerns at a further interview or when reference checking the candidate.

General Questions Expected Responses
1.    What are your interests (sports, hobbies etc) outside work?
This is an easy question that will help the applicant to relax and start talking.  During your review of the applicant’s resume, it is possible that this question
will have already been answered

2.  Why do you want to leave your current job?

On the surface this is a simple question which most people will have  no trouble answering.  However, listen carefully to the reply, as many applicants will reveal….
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