Motor Vehicle Policy

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Detailed motor vehicle policy template that can be used by any Company to develop a Company motor vehicle policy for all company motor vehicles used by employees or contractors.  This 5 page policy includes detailed sections on Approved Drivers, Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel, Cleaning, Mobile Phones, Traffic Infringements, Odometer, Alcohol and Drugs, Smoking, Usage, Insurance and Accidents, Registration, Garaging, and an employee acceptance and sign off.

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Motor Vehicle Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all <COMPANY NAME> employees and contractors understand their responsibilities when operating Company motor vehicles, either casually from time to time, or have a vehicle allocated to them as part of their remuneration package.
Approved Drivers
The driver of a <COMPANY NAME> vehicle must be an employee or contractor of the Company, and must be fully licensed to drive the classification of vehicle.

Drivers are fully responsible for the vehicle while it is in their charge.
People who are not employees or contractors of the company, or employees and contractors who are unlicensed or have a learners licence, are not permitted to drive <COMPANY NAME> vehicles....

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