Behaviour Management Guidelines

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Well proven & used procedures to use to assist you to manage the behaviour of your employees in the workplace. This detailed workbook includes sections on how to train your people to be winners, and how to give effective instant reprimands and written warnings for any instance of inappropriate behaviour. The logical easy to follow workbook also includes behaviour recording systems and forms.  

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Behaviour and Performance Management

The Importance of Managing Inappropriate Behaviour and Performance

The management of employees whose performance has not been effective, or who have behaved inappropriately is an essential responsibility for all managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Although this can be one of the more unpleasant tasks that a manager, supervisor or team leader needs to perform, it can also be one of the most rewarding especially when an employee turns around and becomes a star performer.

When faced with inappropriate behaviour many managers and supervisors put off taking action in the hope that the problem will go away.  However, delaying action only serves to undermine the authority and respect of the manager or supervisor, and reinforces the inappropriate behaviour. 

Not taking action only serves to tell the employee that it is okay to behave inappropriately.

Inappropriate behaviour is assessed by comparison with existing performance standards, as well as observance of workplace rules.  These rules must be explained to all employees and accepted by them as normal.  Workplace rules cover aspects such as time keeping, insubordination, safety, work practices and discipline.  These rules are determined by company policy and employment conditions and Enterprise bargaining requirements.

Managing the behaviour and performance of staff is an on-going day-to-day responsibility for all managers and supervisors….

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Code of Business Conduct

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A detailed 10 page code of business conduct that can be used across the company to define how all employees are expected to conduct business for the company.

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Code of Business Conduct
1. Preamble
<COMPANY NAME> is a market leading <BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE COMPANY DOES>, and the trust, status and responsibilities that our business carries with this status, places a number of obligations, both legal and ethical upon the Company and its staff.
Management requires employees to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.  Employees must practice honesty and integrity in every aspect of their dealings with the Company’s stakeholders, and must take responsibility for their actions.
No employee should ever be misguided by any sense of loyalty to the Company, or a desire for profitability, that would lead him or her to disobey any applicable law or Company policy, or in any way jeopardise the Company.

2. Purpose
The purpose of this Code of Business Conduct is to reinforce the commitment of Management to high legal and ethical standards. This Code provides a general statement as to the Company’s expectations as to the legal and ethical nature of conduct of the Company’s employees...

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Motor Vehicle Policy

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Detailed motor vehicle policy template that can be used by any Company to develop a Company motor vehicle policy for all company motor vehicles used by employees or contractors.  This 5 page policy includes detailed sections on Approved Drivers, Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel, Cleaning, Mobile Phones, Traffic Infringements, Odometer, Alcohol and Drugs, Smoking, Usage, Insurance and Accidents, Registration, Garaging, and an employee acceptance and sign off.

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Motor Vehicle Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all <COMPANY NAME> employees and contractors understand their responsibilities when operating Company motor vehicles, either casually from time to time, or have a vehicle allocated to them as part of their remuneration package.
Approved Drivers
The driver of a <COMPANY NAME> vehicle must be an employee or contractor of the Company, and must be fully licensed to drive the classification of vehicle.

Drivers are fully responsible for the vehicle while it is in their charge.
People who are not employees or contractors of the company, or employees and contractors who are unlicensed or have a learners licence, are not permitted to drive <COMPANY NAME> vehicles....

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