Termination Checklist

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A thorough Termination checklist to use when an employee leaves your organisation.  This well used Termination Checklist, lists all the items that you may need to collect from a departing employee as well as some of the tasks that need to be completed on termination.

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Termination Checklist
Before you receive your final pay you must return all items belonging to the Company.  For each item listed below, indicate whether it has been returned or not by writing the appropriate response (Yes, No or NA for Not Applicable), sign and date it with management approval.  Not all the items may apply to your work at the Company.

Building access keys returned.  
Price lists returned  
Product catalogues returned  
Uniform and company clothing returned.           

With more than 35 items in this detailed checklist it is a must have for all businesses to check that all items are complete when an employee leaves a company.  The termination checklist comes complete with employee and manager sign off.  BUY this article NOW for immediate use.  A great resource for all human resouces professionals.