Employee Attitude Survey

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A quick and effective way to get feedback from your employees about your business. 

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Employee Attitude Survey
Morale and productivity are key ingredients to the success of an organisation.  This short survey based on a similar one designed by the Gallup organisation, will assist managers and leaders to determine the health of their organisation but more importantly identify areas for improvement.

Use this survey to survey your employees.  Keep individual responses confidential and private.  It is recommended that the survey be conducted anonymously to ensure that employees will be honest with their responses without feeling threatened by their answers.

Use the results of the survey to provide input to management for improving employee morale, working conditions, staff retention and service levels.  

To complete the survey simply requires circling either the YES or NO response to questions 1 to 11, while question 12 requires a written response which can be as detailed as the employee chooses.

1. Do you know what is expected of you at work?      YES    NO

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Senior Operator Performance Appraisal

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Need to appraise the performance of your senior operators on the shop floor? Use this proven form to help you and the employee identify performance strengths and weaknesses, and to draw up a performance improvement plan. 

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sen op
BUY this appraisal form NOW and use it with 25 separate appraisal items on all your senior operators. 


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