Tips to improve your human resources management and recruitment skills.  Human resources hints forms and procedures.  Practical interview questions and interviewing techniques and various staff appraisals as well tips on behaviour management.

  • Appraisals and Surveys

    Practical appraisals to measure performance and employee attitudes.  Use our 360 degree Leadership appraisals to determine how you can improve your leadership skills.

  • Forms

    Forms to use for your Human resources needs.  Leave, warning, recruitment and other practical well proven forms ideal for any business.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Practical procedures to meet your human resources needs.  Effectively manage absenteeism, adopt our code of business conduct and confidentiality agreement across your organisation.

  • Recruitment

    Recruitment forms, interview questions, questioning techniques for your recruitment needs.  Reference check, interview record forms and more to help with your recruitment needs and improve your people selection skills.  Measure your quewstioning techniques with our practical skills appraisal.