ISO 14001 Detailed Gap Analysis

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Use this 7 page detailed form to identify specific actions that need to be done to complete your company's ISO14001 implementation. This practical form will enable you to determine what has been completed and what still needs to be done to complete your ISO 14001 implementation. 

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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Gap Analysis
Gap analysis is a process of finding the gap, that is, the determination of the difference between the current status of the Environment management system and procedures at your company and the requirements of standard ISO 14001.  The process allows the identification of gaps so as to formulate actions required to achieve a structured EMS in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

Assess your conformity with each item by shading the relevant number of O’s depending on how close to complete the item is in thetable below  For all items that are not complete, (i.e., they do not fully conform to ISO 14001), identify actions required to complete your EMS.

Action:            Activities/actions (e.g., draft the procedure, update a current procedure with additional language, maintain this record, etc.) required to fully implement the EMS requirement.
Responsibility:    Identify personnel who will ensure that the EMS action item requirement is met.
Due Date:        In consultation with the person responsible, identify when the action will be completed.....

The remainder of this very detailed form identifies more than 50 specific items related to ISO 14001 clause numbers worded as questions like:
Clause 4.1 Have you completed all the General requirements details as set out on the Initial Review Form?
Clause 4.3.1 Has a procedure to identify the Significant Environmental Aspects (SEAs) of your operations been established & implemented?

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