Satisfying Customer Needs

Written by Drew. Posted in Customer Service Principles.

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Satisfying Customer Needs
Satisfying a customer’s needs can be relatively straightforward.  However, if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to go beyond satisfying customers’ needs by exceeding their expectations.
Your aim should be to leave every customer satisfied and delighted:
·      Delighted with your company
·      Delighted with your products and services
·      Delighted with YOU!
Many customers of successful businesses keep going back to those businesses because of how good the staff are.  Customers love a friendly approach and dealing with people who are genuinely concerned about helping them.
Quite often this will be in spite of the fact that there are competitors who have a cheaper price and may also have a larger product range.
This illustrates that it is not the product that counts in business.  The quality of the product is not negotiable.  If it is not up to standard, you don’t get “onto the shopping list”.  Once on the shopping list, a business must distinguish itself.  To distinguish itself and stand out from the rest
Service is the key.
It is the quality of service that your customers receive that puts your Company ahead of the…..

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