Telephone Techniques

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The techniques in this 13 page self help workbook, will improve your communication skills on the telephone & will assist you to provide outstanding service to all your customers on the phone. Or, use it to train your staff on how to use the phone to provide outstanding service to all their customers.

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Telephone Technique
This self-help workbook has been designed to train you in techniques for the effective use of the Telephone.
Once you have read the workbook and completed every exercise you will know the correct Telephone Technique required to
1.       Receive a call
2.       Make a call
3.       Put a caller on hold
4.       Transfer a call
5.       Leave a message
6.       Leave a message on an answering machine
7.       Take a message
8.       Close the call.
The contents of this workbook are concerned with how to speak on and use the telephone to delight customers.  It is not concerned with how telephone systems and handsets work.
Read the workbook thoroughly and then complete all the exercises in order.
Your Telephone Manner
Customer Care applies to the way you treat customers and each other whether in person or on the telephone.
Correct use of the telephone is essential if you are to be successful in business.  The telephone is one of your most useful tools; however, if used incorrectly it can also be one of your greatest threats.
To determine what your behaviour is like on the telephone, complete the “How Do You Shape Up?” checklist on the following page.  Answer it honestly about how you behave most of the time when using the telephone….

If you BUY this workbook NOW you will get exercises and techniques to improve: Voice quality, Pitch and tone, Smile in your voice, Speak clearly, Speed of speech, Volume of speech.  In addirtion you will get practical Tips, techniques and exercises on: Receiving a call, Making a call, Putting a caller on hold, Transferring a call, Leaving a telephone message, Taking a message, Closing a call.  The workbook also includes an Employee sign off.


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