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Standards of behaviour for for you & your staff to provide outstanding service to your customers. Choose the minimum standards of behaviour, from our selection, that can be used by all your employees.  

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Customer Service Standards of Behaviour
A written set of customer service standards will not only provide an organisation with a set of goals, it will set benchmarks that can be used to monitor and improve service standards.  They provide staff with a minimum set of best practice standards that apply to all their work practices.

 Written standards are a valuable training resource, they help ensure that service is not only high, but also uniform across an organisation and also help to ensure that employees know what is expected of them.  Every person delivering customer service for your company is also a customer of other businesses, so they already know what good and bad service is all about from the customer perspective.It’s up to the supervisor or manager to help them translate that inherent knowledge into practical service applications.

Your company’s standards of service are what get remembered long after your product reaches its limit of usefulness, or your service has been delivered.  How those products or services were delivered is what will determine whether the customer comes back for more, and whether they bring their friends, family and colleagues back with them.

 Having standards of behaviour sets the rules or boundaries for all staff.  These rules can also protect staff.  For example, they could set a point at which a difficult complaint or issue should be escalated to a supervisor or manager. 

Without standards of behaviour a business is leaving it to the employees to deal with customers as they choose…

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