Handling Customer Complaints and Angry Customers

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This 14 page self help workbook will give you the skills to be able to effectively handle customer complaints and angry customers. Or, use it to train your staff on how to effectively handle customer complaints and angry customers.  It contains practical, easy to follow and successful techniques to improve your ability to handle customer complaints and angry customers.

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 Handling Complaints and Angry Customers
This self help workbook has been designed to give you an insight into how you can effectively handle customer complaints and angry customers.  When you have completed this workbook you will:

  • Know why excellent customer service is important to business
  • Know what effects upset customers can have on your company.
  • Know some strategies for calming upset customers and handling customer complaints.

 Read the workbook thoroughly and then complete each exercise in turn.

Managing service is managing the moments of truth.  That is the moment when a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the Company, however remote, and thereby has an opportunity to form an impression of the company.  If you are a service person, and you get it wrong at your point in the customer’s chain of experience, you are very likely erasing from the customer’s mind all the memories of the good treatment he or she may have had up until being served by you.

 But, if you get it right, you have a chance to undo all the wrongs that may have happened before the customer got to you.

 YOU really are the moment of truth.

 It is essential that you strive to delight every customer each time you come in contact with him or her.  However, not all customers are going to be happy, smiling individuals.  There will be times when you have to deal with customers who are upset, difficult or angry......

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Impact of Customer Complaints

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Facts about the impact poor service and customer complaints can have on your business. 

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Impact of Customer Complaints

How Customer Complaints Impact on Your Business
A study showed that customers stop buying from a particular business for the following reasons:

 1%             Die (not much you can do about that)
3%             Move away (not much you can do about that either)
5%             Form other interests
9%             For competitive reasons
14%            Due to product dissatisfaction
68%           Because someone was rude, indifferent, or discourteous to them.                                                                                                                                            Michael Leboeuf

The average customer who has had a problem with an organisation tells 9 or 10 people about it.  Thirteen percent tell more than 20 people.

                                                                                                                White House Office of Consumer Affairs

 Think about what happens when you are treated poorly.  Do you usually complain?  Most people don’t.  They vote with their feet and don’t come back.  “I’m never dealing with them again,” will be what they tell their friends and neighbours.

 So you want your dissatisfied customers to complain, because if they don’t, they’ll take their business elsewhere. 

Complaints are an opportunity to learn what is not working in your organisation….

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