Problem Solving - Using Brainstorming Effectively

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Problem Solving. This 18 page workbook will show you how to effectively problem solve by using 15 different brainstorming techniques.  The workbook includes 6 techniques to review the results of your brainstorming and problem solving, and different ways to determine which ideas will be the best to implement.  Also included in this practical, hands on workbook is an ideas implementation action form.

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Effective Brainstorming Requirements
The requirements for all brainstorming sessions are:

1.White board or flip chart paper to write down the responses so that they are displayed for all to see throughout the session.  Alternatively, the responses can be recorded on a computer provided that the computer screen is projected onto the wall for all to see….

Brainstorming Technique 1

This is brainstorming in its simplest form.  The technique is:

1. Remind the participants about the rules of brainstorming.

2. Introduce the “How to” topic to the participants….


Making Sense of the Results

Having completed your brainstorming you will now have many ideas and suggestions to solve the problem or address the issue.  But how will you implement all the ideas and suggestions?  The answer is to review them and put the ideas into some sort of priority order.  Ready Made Tips has successfully used the following 6 techniques to review the ideas...

BUY this workbook NOW to find out about all 8 requirements for brainstorming, the 15 different brainstorming techniques, the 6 techniques to review your ideas, great advice and practical techniques to implement your ideas, including the six thinking hats and force field analysis, as well as the basic rules of brainstorming.