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Ready Made Tips is a dynamic web site that offers you great tips and strategies to improve your work, your interpersonal skills, and to better manage your business and the people who work with you and for you.

Ready Made Tips Work!

We recently designed and implemented a customer service program for an Organic Certification company.  Implementation involved a 4 hour workshop with all staff.  Within 3 weeks their conversion rates had increased from 5 leads a week to 42!  How powerful would that be for your business!  Contact us at to find out how we can get similar results for your company!

 New Book

Ready Made Tips is proud to make available the book Leadership Skills written by Drew Maywald.  This is a handbook of 25 leadership skills self-appraisals and tips to improve your leadership skills.  With more than 1,040 individual appraisal items this is a must have for every leader and aspiring leader.  Leadership Skills is available at

 Mervin the Magic Mower

You can now buy the beautifully written and illustrated Children's stories about Mervin the Magic Mower on Ready Made Tips.  With new stories to be added during 2014 these are wonderful presents for your children, and make a great read.  Go to Or visit

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Do you have great tips to share with others? Register and become a member of the Ready Made Tips community. Contribute your best Ready Made Tips and ideas and we will put them on the web site*.   Contact us at to learn more! 

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Tailor Made Tips for You



 Tailor Made Tips for You

Ready Made Tips can help you to develop effective operating procedures, work method statements, forms, appraisals and policies to improve your skills or business needs.  Contact us at to find out how we can develop affordable Ready Made Tips to suit your needs. 

We will Tailor Make our Ready Made Tips documents for you and your business needs.  Contact us at to find out how.


Earn Extra Income

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 Earn Extra Income… 

If you have successful tips, a form, booklet or just great information that people can use, we can sell it for you!  This could be an excellent source of passive income for you as you will get 70% of of the revenue from sales of your Ready Made Tips. 

Contact us at to find out how your knowledge and skills could earn you money!


Mervin the Magic Mower

1.1 Mervin 72dpi

 Available Now!

Ready made Tips is pleased to announce that the beautifully illustrated Children's story books featuring Tom Goode and his lawn mower, Mervin the Magic Mower, is now available on Ready Made Tips.  Follow the adventures as Tom and Mervin weave their magic.  Buy hard copies at or as an ebook at